You asked for a more gentle way to condition and purify your tap water. 
We are answering that call...
Blue Planet Water products are as effective as traditional softeners and purifiers but with zero impact on your environment. That's something to think about. 
New technology has created more options for responsible water treatment in your home. The most promising is Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) which eliminates the need for salt, waste water and electricity but still provides you with conditioned water while reducing scale build-up in plumbing and appliances. 

Zero-Waste Products, including salt-free scale inhibitors and micro filtration drinking water systems are making an impact on regional and local water supplies without compromising quality. 
Zero Salt !
Waste-Water !
Zero Electricity !

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The German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) has developed protocol for testing scale prevention properties of salt free water conditioners. This testing protocol is called DVGW Standard W 512.

Template Assisted Crystallization out-performed all devices tested, including magnetic, and electronic water conditioners.  

Only a salt-based water softener “softens” water. If you like the “slick” feeling of soft water, you won’t like salt-free systems . Systems that really work without salt, “condition” the water by preventing scale from sticking to any surface, they do not REMOVE the minerals.
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2 Piece System Consists of 2 Pieces. A full sized Whole House Catalytic Carbon Filter plus the One Flow Scale Inhibitor. Price includes local installation within 100 kilometers of Kitchener, Ontario. 5 year parts and labour on Valves, bypasses, 10 year parts and labour on tanks. Media has an average effective expectancy of approximately 5 years for a family of 4 where the water hardness is 25 grains per gallon after which time it should be replaced. Call for more details.

$1499. installed within 100 kilometres of Kitchener
Stage 1 Catalytic carbon to remove chemicals such as chloramine.
Stage 2 is the One Flow TAC media.